Starting from 9500€ per week
8 Guests
226 Sqm
3 Bedrooms
Private Pool
Private Pool

A unique, seafront, private villa of 226 sqm, in Kea island’s perfect harmony with its charming natural surroundings, creating an ideal atmosphere for relaxation, tranquillity and wellness. The views from the outsized terrace cant get more exciting. Just a few meters away sailboats pass by in search of their next anchorage as the sun sets on the horizon. The property it self is exceptional, mindful of the traditional Cycladic design the architect has created a playful synthesis of an old-style windmill and traditional stone walls with a modern design throughout. The outdoor spacious area with its large infinity-edge swimming pool provides the optical illusion of blending with the sea.

A comfortable living room has access to the sizeable pool terrace. Staying in the round-shaped bedroom at the windmill-like structure is an experience on itself. Two elegant double bedrooms in two independent guesthouses with en-suite bathrooms provide wonderful sea views to guests.

A few minutes away the organised beaches with their beach bars, water sports and the many good restaurants add sparkle to the already stunning holiday setting.

Basic features

Price: starting from 9500€ per week
Bedrooms: 3
Guests: 8
Area: 226 m²
Garden: Available
AC: Available
Security door: Available
Private Pool: Available

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