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Αpollo Τravel Group

KK Villas Collection is an exclusive partner for villas throughout Greece with the largest tour operator in the Nordic countries, the Apollo Travel Group with a presence in the Greek market for over 25 years.

Through the exclusive cooperation with Apollo we have the opportunity to present our selected luxury accommodations to over 400000 potential customers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland

Custom tailored villas management solutions

Following the highest standards in the hospitality industry, KK Villas Collection has been established as an independent Villas management company in a key areas of tourism .We have created a network o quality Villas which gain strength under one umbrella the umbrella of KK Villas Collection. At the same time, they retain their uniqueness and promote the distinctive character of each Villa, building the brand name carefully.

Booking management

We take over the client's Channel Management and e-mail Management and direct reservations 24/7 and we respond to requests & customer inquiries

Buy or Sell a villa in Greece

If you are interested in acquiring a summer residence in Greece, please contact our real estate division, KK Villas Collection. Acting primarily as Buyer Agent, White Key Realty is dedicated to identifying the right property for clients through an exclusive and highly personalized search practice while offering educated, unbiased opinions in the purchasing process.

If you happen to own one of the truly magnificent homes in Greece and are possibly thinking of divesting, please feel free to share your intentions with us, as we are likely to match your unique property to one of our unique buyers. We are not see your summer retreats as lifeless real estate but as stunning architectural constructs with distinctive personality, designed to offer unique living experiences.

Buy or rent your villa

If our standards match with yours, the KK villas collection can rent or buy your villa. Together we can discuss, listen to your concerns and together make a decision in a relationship which will be win-win.